Lets end with Zero! Zero Waste!

Food is our fuel, our only energy source, a means to living a healthy, meaningful, happy life. And yet it has become the greatest cause for distress, the underlying culprit to the world’s biggest diseases: cancer and obesity.

As they say, you are what you eat. So if you eat toxin laden, plastic wrapped, packaged and preservative-infused food, well that’s what your body and mind is going to exude.

Food also is our main reason for creating trash, insurmountable, mountainous, voluptuous, ever-growing trash. The trash we generate is so high; we have no idea how to get rid of it. So we are dumping it illegally on land, or incinerating it into a toxic compressed box, or letting it float irresponsibly in our oceans and shores, into the bodies of marine life, which we are inadvertently consuming.

So basically, we are trashing our own bodies, and that of our loved ones, our children and future generations to come. Reducing our waste is not an alternative lifestyle; it’s the only way to ensure the survival of the human species. For earth does not need us for its survival, in fact it will thrive magnificently if we humans go extinct. We, humans, need the Earth for everything, and we ain’t got no other place to go, no other place to trash, no other place to save.

So you thought disposable cups are easily disposable? No they are not! Plastic cups can take 450 years to decompose, if they are buried inside earth. While decomposing, they release toxins that can get mixed with our drinking ground water. Therefore mostly plastic cups go to a landfill, which has barriers underneath it to prevent decontamination of underground water source. Therefore, a plastic cup in a landfill will last forever. Remember, eons after you are gone, the plastic cup you used today for your morning buzz, will remain in a landfill forever and ever and ever.

Unless, it goes into an incinerator, then some parts of its toxins will go up into smoke, and the rest of its smoky black ash will be on a landfill forever and ever and ever.

Unless, it is tossed into the ocean, then it might end up in the great pacific garbage patch, a humongous whirlpool of plastic bliss, including the first toothbrush your father might have used, your last smelly diaper, your favorite strawberry biscuit wrapper, the straw you shared with your first crush, most of the plastic bags you used mindlessly when buying groceries, every ear bud and dental floss you ever used, maybe a few of those plastic water bottles you could have easily avoided buying, and all the zip lock bags you thought are most convenient for carrying food.Did you imagine that? Now imagine it multiplied by a billion people at the very least. How glad we are not stuck in that muck!

But most of the ocean life is, stuck in our plastic trash, or dodging it to the point of oblivion, but mostly ingesting it, thinking it’s a new kind of coral or some exotic plankton. And who is eating whom in the end? Who considers themselves proud to be on top of the food chain? Us trash-generating humans of course!

So the next time you need to get yourself a cup of coffee, either make one at home, or make it a habit to carry a reusable cup. Old habits are hard to break they say, but so is this massive waste that we are generating, every day, every second.

Let’s face it!
Disposables are disgusting.
Disposables are damaging.
Let’s dispose the use of disposables.
Disposables – say NO MORE!

Let’s save our magnificent Earth then, one plate at a time, one cup at a time, one straw at a time, one plastic item at a time.

I am not fine!

“Everything is normal!” she said, “Everything is just fine! I have everything I need. I have a loving husband, three adorable kids, a loving family, a house, a car, and food on my plate, clothes in my closet, and friends to party with. I have more than most people could even dream of. I am absolutely fine!”

But her entire soul was screaming the contrary. Nothing was fine! How could it be? How could this be considered normal? Was this what they called life? This petty, minuscule existence, constrained by what others might think, limited by her own poor choices, strangled by the monotony of her dull, boring life?

When she was young and innocent; when the complexities of life were unknown to her, when the world seemed like a big place where anything could happen, where anything could be achieved; she felt she could have it all, happiness, peace, love!

But love was a fickle friend, a wisp of smoke in the storm of loneliness. It seemed to be there, but it hardly ever was. Love was not what happened in the movies, it was definitely not long lasting, and maybe it never existed in the first place. Her husband who once seemingly doted on her, stuck by her side like a dog in true love, was now more like a cat, who displayed no personal devotion to anyone, just comfortable to be in familiar surroundings. He was more like a stranger in the room, with no passion, no words that expressed any true emotion, just a few cursory questions like “Are you fine?”

Her children had grown up and grown apart. They had their own life to worry about. So the mother was cast aside as an item of possession that once was valuable, but now didn’t even qualify its own shelf space. Sometimes she felt she didn’t even exist, certainly not when she had something to say or an opinion to share. Her thoughts were now old and archaic, to be discarded or ignored.

She was ambitious as a young adult, learning new stuff, making new things from old, building, and creating, and exploring, living life one day at a time, giving each moment her fullest. She had adventurous dreams, she had stories of happy endings, she had pictures of purest love, and she had hope.

But now that had gone too. She had no ambition left, she had no dreams. She was just living her life, going from one day to the next till she reached the end. There was only emptiness. She felt she couldn’t do anything at all. She had given up!

Then one fine day, she said, “I am not fine!”

And that made all the difference.

Because only when she stopped accepting the lack of love, lack of respect, lack of ambition, and the lack of action on her part as something normal, she was able to spring into action, change her life with her actions and her thoughts, fill her life with hope, and kindness and love.

And so, if you ever feel depressed, hopeless, empty and unloved, scared and lost, just admit to yourself that “It’s not fine!” Life is not meant to be like this, life is so much more. Life is meant to be filled with excitement and joy, and emotions and hope. Find the strength to push yourself to do something, take action, explore, fail and try again, but never give up. Go outdoors and feel the wind! Change your life! Because it’s not fine to be inside the wrong dream! If you are not fine, just say it! And then change it!

Inspired by Mel Robbin’s Ted Talk : How to stop screwing yourself over | Mel Robbins | TEDxSF

The Death of Hypocrisy

Long, long time later, an alien space ship landed on the third planet from the minuscule Sun. It was looking for a potential planet for its interstellar refugees. Refugees were always a problem in many alien galaxies, every since intergalactic travel had been invented. Species from culturally and intellectually inferior planets would just jump onto their space travel modules, ignore all hostile sentiments and rude alien transmissions, and land on planets that were eons more civilized than them.

So a new mission had been assigned to Captain BjorkZouk, to find planets that were marginally habitable, with docile, impressively stupid lifeforms, stupider than the refugees at least. And turns out, Eh-rth, as the indigenous people pronounced it, was a perfect candidate.

With an enormously large number of two-legged dumb birds, that looked more like baboons, who thought that they were rulers of the universe, it was Captain BjorkZouk’s job to capture them and somehow find some use of them. These two-legged baboon-like dumb creatures were not very kind beings at all. They killed each other for non important reasons, such as pieces of paper, pieces of rock, pieces of land and pieces of other beings. They killed the much intelligent and extremely kind animals, that did not speak their language, by keeping them in tight cages, giving them hormones instead of proper food, using their milk by keeping them pregnant for years, and then slaughtering them by kicking and smashing their mutilated bodies.

Captain BjorkZouk concluded that such in-humane humans did not deserve to live, that they must be treated the same way they have treated other animals, that they should be hunted for pleasure, killed for their body parts, forever kept in dark small dingy farm houses, and sent for slaughter when they were no longer useful. These humans were to be the food for the refugees, till they settled down, and started growing their own native crops.

After Captain BjorkZouk communicated this brilliant plan to his star-ship headquarters. He then proceeded to inform the leaders of all the little imaginary land partitions of their imminent fate, translated in their local, much crass languages. The leaders were furious, so also all the other humans, for being treated like some commodity, that didn’t have feelings, that didn’t feel pain. How could any being deny another being from their desire to live, to survive, to be free? It was their birth right, no other being could take that choice away from them.

“Hypocrites!”, exclaimed Captain BjorkZouk and he hit the red button. That was the end for all the beings who wrongly called themselves human.

A Mummy’s world

Its my joy beyond all joys, in fact a privilege to be a mother. There are a million moments of wonder, acknowledging the miracle that is life, accepting that there is something far bigger than us combined, a force greater and more powerful than anything humanly imaginable, a power that created this little person in my arms, who grows constantly, but will always remain my little bundle of joy.

To all the mummies out there, old or new, we all share one thing in common. The feeling that only a mummy can feel for her baby, the silent pride in achieving a miracle, no matter how many times it has been done before, a sense of achievement like no other, a tiny accolade that has your eyes.

Here are some quotes I really liked :

The phrase “working mother” is redundant.

When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.

If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?

Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials.

Any mother could perform the jobs of several air traffic controllers with ease.

Grown don’t mean nothing to a mother. A child is a child. They get bigger, older, but grown? What’s that supposed to mean? In my heart it don’t mean a thing.

A little girl, when asked where her home was, replied, “where mother is.”

The sixth sense or rather the lack of it.

As the little kid (Haley Joel Osment) in the movie ‘Sixth Sense’ says about ghosts “They only see what they want to see”, I believe its true for non-ghost people like us too. Too often than not, we have a curtain in front of our eyes, seeing only things the way we believe them to be, not the way they actually are happening.

For example, if a person thinks there are dangers on every path he/she takes, then even a pebble on the road will look like an accident-inducing obstacle.  If a person thinks the whole world is out to get him/her, all interactions with people will lead to only one conclusion, “People are mean”. If a person thinks people of a particular culture lack class, then even the most beautiful customs of that culture will seem crass and backward.

In todays world, where violence is the solution to disparity and hatred is the outcome of every difference of opinion, identity of a person is not a result of his/her deeds, but rather something set at birth, either by religion, color, appearance or ancestral professions.

The sixth sense, according to me, is the ability to see beyond our set ways of thinking, to be a little more open minded, to discard our prejudiced notions and see things as they really are.

“A light is still a light-even though the blind man cannot see it”

Open your eyes, and see the truth. If you can. It will set you free. Stop the violence, the world already has seen enough of it.

An environmentalist is born

Becoming a parent changes everything!

Leisurely time becomes nonexistent.  Movie marathons are replaced by diaper change marathons.  A good nights sleep seems like a dream.  Conversation is mostly baby talk, conversation with adults is also about baby talk. Everyday is a vicious circle, when the baby eats, poops, sleeps and wakes up for another round. But when we parents do find a little time to relax and think, there is something that makes us a bit uneasy, even nervous at times. And that is the future of our little one.  Not in terms of  education and money, or health and family. But the very future of the planet that we are going to live in.

Life as we know it depends on one thing, the most important thing in the history of the universe. Earth.

When I became a parent, an environmentalist was born too. One who wants a clean, green, healthy planet to live in, to sustain many many future generations of my blood line. We, after all, want to survive, to see our kids grow and live healthy fulfilling lives.

Saving earth starts NOW, and it starts with ME.

After all, we only have ONE EARTH.

Visit http://www.oneearth.org/  for more info.

Bring out the environmentalist in YOU!

A diamond is not my best friend..

They say a diamond is a girl’s best friend. Not any more, not for me atleast. I dont want to caught up in these mushy mushy lines, I dont want to turn a blind eye to what it really is. A probably crimson covered stone in the rough, stained with the blood of crushed hopes and murderous dreams, a ticket to nowhere, a mascot of death, violence and unfathomable cruelty. A diamond is not something you can just buy at the corner store and not give it another thought as to its whereabouts. Not now, not anymore. To truly enjoy the beauty of a diamond, to be able to sleep in peace, to make it a part of your family and tradition, to pass it down through generations, to simply know that you did not just pay your hard earned cash to a group of people mercilessly killing each other in the name of war, just for that, there is something you need to know first.

The truth.

Truth about what is happening in parts of the world, where the borders of justice have long been crossed, where slavery is a part of life, where humanity is no longer a word. I was blind, blind to the truth, blissfully ignorant rather. Then the movie Blood Diamond shred my ignorance to pieces. I never thought a diamond could be something more than a rare crystal, a symbol of eternal love or a best friend. A diamond was not rare, not an embodiment of love if it had been churned from the depths of hatred and death. Not for me.

The next time I buy a diamond, I will have one thought in my mind. Where did it come from? Is it worth it? Worth somebody’s life?

There is nothing like home..

As I drove across the familiar roads of heaven, I knew I was getting closer. The wind in my hair, the smell of sweet air, the chilly goodness of winter, the warmth in the passing faces, it was not my imagination. I was there, in flesh and blood, with all my heart and soul. I was home.

In that moment of time, I was my best of selves, elated and pious, peaceful yet excited. I felt blessed and fortunate, loved and cared for. I felt that the particular instant of time was a glimpse of heaven, glimmering hope, incandescent light, pure bliss. It was a moment I will remember for the rest of my life.

Days went by, and months. I was dazed by the beauty of my hometown, rejuvenated by its every aspect. The water tasted so sweet, the trees looked so green. My evening walks to watch the sunset, my early morning tea, my favorite hangouts, delicacies at the local food joints, it was all a treasure trove, and I couldn’t stop asking for more. Time flew so to speak, because it usually does when you are ecstatic. 

As I carried my heavy luggage and an even heavier heart, I was amazed at how sad I had become. It was after all my fault that I was feeling this way, it was my choice. As I look back at that moment of bliss, I reassure myself that it will come again, and soon. Because there is no other place in this whole world, no place like home.

Get Rich Quick!

Here’s one amazing GET RICH QUICK scheme, for all you bounty hunters and money worshippers! Mind you, this scheme is mind-blowingly simple, and will leave you with this irritating thought – “Why didn’t I think of it?”

Okay, here it is, hold on, take a deep breath..

“Look in the garbage!”

Yes, that’s it! And to prove that it works, here’s a true story.

A New York woman, Elizabeth Gibson, with an eye for priceless things, noticed a beautiful painting amongst a pile of morning garbage bags. Unlike most of us who think that if something is in the garbage, it must be garbage, Elizabeth went back and picked up the painting, just minutes before the garbage pickup truck.

After a little bit of web research, and cobweb cleaning,  Elizabeth discovered that the painting was a stolen masterpiece, called Tres Personajes or “Three People”, painted by Mexican artist Rufino Tamayo. What more, the auction price of this painting can go upto one million dollars.

As I have always said, honesty pays in the long run! So it did for Elizabeth, who returned the painting to the rightful owners, earning a reward of $15,000 and an undisclosed percentage of the auction generated revenue, which will be conducted next month. If she had chosen to sell the painting in the stolen goods market, wherever that is, she would have procured a good amount, just my guess though, since I have never tried to ‘officially’ sell anything in this “Thieves-Only” market, due to my strong ethics and all. But in the long run, it might have led crime-fighting guys to her doorstep, so good for her.

So, anyways, the next time you find people throwing garbage, just try to get a glimpse at the contents. If you do find something that looks valuable, don’t be shy to pick it up, you just might get richer than you currently are.

Catch more of this story here.

Tick Tock! Tick Tock! Life’s too short!

Tick Tock! Tick Tock!

The countdown has begun! You have only sixty minutes left to live! Sixty minutes to do anything and everything you ever hoped for and dreamed of! Because that is precisely the amount of time it is going to take for the asteroid ‘Doom’ to hit earth! Fifty-nine minutes and counting down!

Once the asteroid hits earth, its massive size will rupture the surface where it hits, sending mountains of earth particles into the dark space. The impact will create a massive wave within the earth’s surface, whatever is left of it anyways! The wave will be a thousand times bigger than the biggest tsunami, and it will be made up of rocks, dust, metal, bricks, concrete, wood and water. It will travel around the remaining surface of the earth, destroying each and every life form on its way! It will take only a few minutes to circle the earth, only a few minutes to destroy it!

No! It is not happening right now, but what if it does in the future?

What will you do, given the information that you have only sixty minutes to live?

A recent survey was conducted in London, stating precisely the given scenario, one hour left to live on earth! Commissioned by Ziji Publishing, the survey was conducted to promote the release of the book “Cloud Cuckoo Land” by debut novelist Steven Sivell.

Majority of the Britons surveyed, 54 percent to be exact, were the family loving kind, wanting to spend their last minutes with their relatives and loved ones. 

Another 13 percent were ardent fans of destiny, deciding to pick a glass of champagne, sit back, relax and resign to this impending quirk of fate. There were no teetotalers in this category.

Astonishingly, only nine percent chose to remain true to their self-gratifying selves, preferring to satisfy their primal needs. 

And a measly three percent decided to pray to Almighty, either for a miracle or for atonement of their sins.

So far, so good! The odd part begins here! Two percent of the people were so deprived of their favorite foods that they chose the last one hour of their life eating fatty greasy foods! The upside was that there would be no permanent weight gain!

In most groups, a few people are always overly optimistic. So was the case in this wild bunch. A whopping two percent did not really think that the world would end. In fact, they believed that they would surely survive. So they chose to start looting the neighborhoods to gather as much wealth as possible. Even if the world ended, they would surely die rich!

Life’s too short, so would you eat a lot?  What would you do during the last sixty minutes of your life? I, for one, would try to blast off to space aboard the next space shuttle scheduled for launch! And for that to happen, I will need to get rich as quickly as possible. Therefore, on second thoughts, looting does not sound like a terrible option after all!

For more or less of this odd story, check this!