That thing called internet!

January 1 1983! This date engraved on the sands of time, or rather the bits of virtual memory, is the day internet was officially born. The wheels had been set in motion long before, but this day was special. A group of doctors and engineers held their breath as a byte of information was being transmitted from one end of the university campus to another. Tick tock, tick tock. And voila! Eureka! That were not their exact words though, but you get the sentiment.

And here we are now, with infinite information floating around at all times on a network that never sleeps, unless of course there are earthquakes, floods or human errors, although we have successfully diminished the need for human intervention. We cannot afford to rely on ourselves any more.

I remember the time when owning a computer was synonymous to owning a white elephant, but not anymore, at least for a major part of the world. Moreover, old people (like myself) are now jumping on the bandwagon, mostly so that we can keep in touch with our tech savvy loved ones.

Internet is indeed the eight wonder of the world, a man made creation, that took us from aboriginal abacus people to high tech fast paced futurists. We now have all the information we need at our fingertips, we have truly become technology addicts.

Nevertheless, there is a dark side. With so much dependence on the computer for every task, we scarcely use our brains these days, even to do simple math. Now we do not need to remember anything anymore, just one google search and we have more information than we could ever ask for. No wonder as generations pass, we are getting smaller, fatter, and stupider.

Security and privacy are questionable too. With millions of worms, bugs, viruses and what not going all around like those beastly machines in Matrix, it’s only a matter of time when you will be the next victim. I had received an email once about how one harmless picture of a Chinese guy was transformed into posters for movies like matrix, lord of the rings etc. No doubt it was funny, but it might not always be.

There are a million vices being serviced right at this very moment, how can anyone be sure that they are not being victimized. Supporting causes like, monitoring your childrens online activities, investing in secure software and most importantly being tech savvy yourself is the only way to go. Ensuring someone else’s  safety, in turn means you will be safe too.

All in all, internet is here to stay, with all its good and hopefully not the bad, so get used to it!


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