The shape of my earth..

In every time space continuum, there exists an idea that seems preposterous to the majority view points. Over a period of a few thousand years, the converse becomes true. The once outlandish theory becomes the established truth, with very few rebellious thinkers opposing this now accepted fact.

On what premise one accepts or opposes a theory can be mostly illogical. I for one have no logical reason to believe that the earth is what they say an egg shaped orange, or more precisely an oblate spheroid. So what if I see a spherical earth on google earth, or one of those pictures published by NASA, I have not actually seen it with my own pair of eyes. Some argue that so is the case with God, love or UFOs. But these are not measurable objects to start with, except maybe the UFOs. And I have a strong feeling that I will be seeing one pretty soon.

Anyways, the truth is, my assumption lies entirely on photographs I have not taken, movies I have not made, software I have not developed. But there is one event that can be considered as proof, although my physics basics have become a bit rusty. How come the earth’s shadow on the moon is always a circle or part of a circle in the event of a lunar eclipse. Now that is something I can experience and use to draw conclusions, however incorrect they maybe.

I could also set out with my faithful SLR, a compass and a frequent flyer membership, to different points on earth, where skies are generally visible at nights. I could make a series of measurements as to when and where the constellations rise from the horizon. I most probably will also need an astronomer and a mathematician. Somehow, with their help, I will be able to determine the shape of the earth.

Flying from point A to point B will also solve the problem of falling off the edge of the earth into the abysses of vast nothingness, lest the earth is in fact flat. I hear the sailors of the past had rated falling off the edge of earth while sailing with some crazy adventurers, who in reality had become adventurers just to get away from their nagging wives, as the topmost fear in the first century sailors’ magazine. The entry for second most fear rated involved something about being with the adventurers’ nagging wives.

I do have another option, and I am hoping that some day well before my eyes go blind, some rich multibillionaire would build a skyway path right upto our waning moon. I assume the moon will be equally delighted and will start waxing again. It would then be possible for all skeptics, who usually are as financially unfortunate as I am, to walk upto the moon and witness for themselves the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I havent as yet figured out how the skyway with cope with the rotations, revolutions of the earth and the moon. But I am not the architect here, so let the professionals figure out the details.

I am open to any new ideas as far as the shape of the earth is concerned, as long as there are ways to prove them. After all, a preposterous idea of today, could be the proven fact of tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “The shape of my earth..

  1. seneca says:

    What does science tell us?

    The earth was once flat. Then the sun circled us. Now we circle the sun.

    Newton added gravity, then Einstein determined that gravity does not exist.

    We are an expanding universe. But we might be steady-state, or expanding to an eventual contraction.

    One respected physicist thinks time does not exist, that we are a pulse, a beat, in a universe forever expanding and contacting.

    Regarding physical laws, I’m not sure we’ve discovered any. They only work within limited specifications. Don’t we come up with a law, get new data, then revise the law? That implies to me that we never had the law right in the first place.

    Someone wrote that the laws of the universe must be written in eleven dimensions, and we are capable of writing only four.

    I believe that, if we ever find a way to write in eleven dimensions, we will find that it takes 121 dimensions.

    We are my dog. He sees the Sun come up and sees the Sun set. He is incapable of understanding the evidence right in front of him, that the Earth circles the Sun. Like my dog, we see, but do not see.

    Unfortunately, we will die not knowing what it is all about.

    In the “Apology”, Socrates tells us (he is to be executed via ingesting hemlock that evening) that he will shortly be with the famous and honorable in History or he will be in an infinitely long and restful sleep. Our views have not changed much in 2,500 years.

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