Valentine blues

Its a cynical world, almost every day you are being judged on your AQ (Attractiveness Quotient) and the rest of the days you are left to deal with the loneliness of your soul. Its tough to find an ideal partner, atleast slightly more saner than the entire lot, since there’s no such thing as a perfect match. Its even tougher to hold on to one.

Holidays harass you with nasty wake up calls, especially from your mother, telling you that you are not getting any younger.  Be it Christmas, where you have to watch loved ones having grand dinners while you are defrosting your stale bread, or the even crueler Valentines day, where hearts float in the sky instead of clouds and couples holding hands make you want to catch the next train, literally.

One sure way to escape this charade is to lock yourself up in your house, a week prior to and after the gloomy day. Changing your voicemail greeting to indicate you are on a romantic vacation with your date on an exotic island, would stop those calls from your mother for atleast a short period of time.

Another way is actually taking that vacation. Of course there wouldn’t be the love of your life, your soul mate, staring at you with intense admiration, thinking that you are the most attractive person ever created on earth, someone he/she had been waiting for all his/her life, or even beyond the realm of time and space. But you know that is just too far fetched to be true, and only meant to exist in fiction.

So why wait for a soul mate to take that relaxing rejuvenating vacation, away from it all. Apart from being without any strings attached, you will have the added advantage of not having to spend a fortune.

So come Valentine or any other holiday that would otherwise leave you with depressing blues, pack your bags and explore the globe instead! And there just might be someone looking for you at the other side of the world!


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