Its a weird weird world!

Its a weird weird world!

Quite recently I got introduced to the world of weirdness. It was not a very pleasant introduction, considering the weirdness of it all, but nonetheless quite entertaining.

The weird world did not have any preconceived notions about ‘what’s proper’, and the words apt, right, suitable, correct and sane were excluded from its insanely small dictionary. When I asked him to describe himself in two words, he used a couple of hundred instead, which struck me as quite odd. Either he did not know how to count, or that was the way he counted.

It all started with gossiping couples at a bar. Not really, but who is going to know! Apparently, a happily married couple, with a ten-month-old infant, went to a bar. Didn’t anybody think that was odd? What was a couple with small baby doing in a bar? Shouldn’t they be in a more family friendly environment, where you know, people DONT SMOKE? Whatever their excuse, they were there in that Czech bar, presumably with the infant, since otherwise why would anyone comment on the baby? So here they are, with fellow drinkers noticing the color of the baby’s hair, which was blonde, whereas both parents had dark hair. How on earth did these people, after a couple of drinks, notice the color of this baby’s hair? Doesn’t it all become fuzzy after a little while?

So here are these drinkers, persistently gossiping about a baby, in a pub, with a baby, gossiping about the baby’s hair. Now that is really weird! So one thing led to another, like it usually does in bars and pubs. And the couple somehow got themselves tested for DNA. Usually couples find themselves married, with strange tattoos or piercings, and filing for annulments, now that’s a nasty surprise. But our loving happy pub frequenting couple, got a different kind of surprise. The baby was not theirs! A quick mix-up at the hospital, and now we have a baby lying in a pub with two strangers, and a lot of weird drinkers commenting about his hair. The saddest aspect of this case is hard to decide, whether it is the premature exposure to cigarette smoke, or going through ten months of his life without knowing his true parents.

But on the brighter side, the baby will not have to hear taunts and gossip about his ‘weird colored’ hair from his peers during his childhood, teenage and adult life.

For more or less of this story, check out this news!

More weird world talk soon, very soon.


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