A diamond is not my best friend..

They say a diamond is a girl’s best friend. Not any more, not for me atleast. I dont want to caught up in these mushy mushy lines, I dont want to turn a blind eye to what it really is. A probably crimson covered stone in the rough, stained with the blood of crushed hopes and murderous dreams, a ticket to nowhere, a mascot of death, violence and unfathomable cruelty. A diamond is not something you can just buy at the corner store and not give it another thought as to its whereabouts. Not now, not anymore. To truly enjoy the beauty of a diamond, to be able to sleep in peace, to make it a part of your family and tradition, to pass it down through generations, to simply know that you did not just pay your hard earned cash to a group of people mercilessly killing each other in the name of war, just for that, there is something you need to know first.

The truth.

Truth about what is happening in parts of the world, where the borders of justice have long been crossed, where slavery is a part of life, where humanity is no longer a word. I was blind, blind to the truth, blissfully ignorant rather. Then the movie Blood Diamond shred my ignorance to pieces. I never thought a diamond could be something more than a rare crystal, a symbol of eternal love or a best friend. A diamond was not rare, not an embodiment of love if it had been churned from the depths of hatred and death. Not for me.

The next time I buy a diamond, I will have one thought in my mind. Where did it come from? Is it worth it? Worth somebody’s life?


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