The sixth sense or rather the lack of it.

As the little kid (Haley Joel Osment) in the movie ‘Sixth Sense’ says about ghosts “They only see what they want to see”, I believe its true for non-ghost people like us too. Too often than not, we have a curtain in front of our eyes, seeing only things the way we believe them to be, not the way they actually are happening.

For example, if a person thinks there are dangers on every path he/she takes, then even a pebble on the road will look like an accident-inducing obstacle.  If a person thinks the whole world is out to get him/her, all interactions with people will lead to only one conclusion, “People are mean”. If a person thinks people of a particular culture lack class, then even the most beautiful customs of that culture will seem crass and backward.

In todays world, where violence is the solution to disparity and hatred is the outcome of every difference of opinion, identity of a person is not a result of his/her deeds, but rather something set at birth, either by religion, color, appearance or ancestral professions.

The sixth sense, according to me, is the ability to see beyond our set ways of thinking, to be a little more open minded, to discard our prejudiced notions and see things as they really are.

“A light is still a light-even though the blind man cannot see it”

Open your eyes, and see the truth. If you can. It will set you free. Stop the violence, the world already has seen enough of it.


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