The Death of Hypocrisy

Long, long time later, an alien space ship landed on the third planet from the minuscule Sun. It was looking for a potential planet for its interstellar refugees. Refugees were always a problem in many alien galaxies, every since intergalactic travel had been invented. Species from culturally and intellectually inferior planets would just jump onto their space travel modules, ignore all hostile sentiments and rude alien transmissions, and land on planets that were eons more civilized than them.

So a new mission had been assigned to Captain BjorkZouk, to find planets that were marginally habitable, with docile, impressively stupid lifeforms, stupider than the refugees at least. And turns out, Eh-rth, as the indigenous people pronounced it, was a perfect candidate.

With an enormously large number of two-legged dumb birds, that looked more like baboons, who thought that they were rulers of the universe, it was Captain BjorkZouk’s job to capture them and somehow find some use of them. These two-legged baboon-like dumb creatures were not very kind beings at all. They killed each other for non important reasons, such as pieces of paper, pieces of rock, pieces of land and pieces of other beings. They killed the much intelligent and extremely kind animals, that did not speak their language, by keeping them in tight cages, giving them hormones instead of proper food, using their milk by keeping them pregnant for years, and then slaughtering them by kicking and smashing their mutilated bodies.

Captain BjorkZouk concluded that such in-humane humans did not deserve to live, that they must be treated the same way they have treated other animals, that they should be hunted for pleasure, killed for their body parts, forever kept in dark small dingy farm houses, and sent for slaughter when they were no longer useful. These humans were to be the food for the refugees, till they settled down, and started growing their own native crops.

After Captain BjorkZouk communicated this brilliant plan to his star-ship headquarters. He then proceeded to inform the leaders of all the little imaginary land partitions of their imminent fate, translated in their local, much crass languages. The leaders were furious, so also all the other humans, for being treated like some commodity, that didn’t have feelings, that didn’t feel pain. How could any being deny another being from their desire to live, to survive, to be free? It was their birth right, no other being could take that choice away from them.

“Hypocrites!”, exclaimed Captain BjorkZouk and he hit the red button. That was the end for all the beings who wrongly called themselves human.


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