Lets end with Zero! Zero Waste!

Food is our fuel, our only energy source, a means to living a healthy, meaningful, happy life. And yet it has become the greatest cause for distress, the underlying culprit to the world’s biggest diseases: cancer and obesity.

As they say, you are what you eat. So if you eat toxin laden, plastic wrapped, packaged and preservative-infused food, well that’s what your body and mind is going to exude.

Food also is our main reason for creating trash, insurmountable, mountainous, voluptuous, ever-growing trash. The trash we generate is so high; we have no idea how to get rid of it. So we are dumping it illegally on land, or incinerating it into a toxic compressed box, or letting it float irresponsibly in our oceans and shores, into the bodies of marine life, which we are inadvertently consuming.

So basically, we are trashing our own bodies, and that of our loved ones, our children and future generations to come. Reducing our waste is not an alternative lifestyle; it’s the only way to ensure the survival of the human species. For earth does not need us for its survival, in fact it will thrive magnificently if we humans go extinct. We, humans, need the Earth for everything, and we ain’t got no other place to go, no other place to trash, no other place to save.

So you thought disposable cups are easily disposable? No they are not! Plastic cups can take 450 years to decompose, if they are buried inside earth. While decomposing, they release toxins that can get mixed with our drinking ground water. Therefore mostly plastic cups go to a landfill, which has barriers underneath it to prevent decontamination of underground water source. Therefore, a plastic cup in a landfill will last forever. Remember, eons after you are gone, the plastic cup you used today for your morning buzz, will remain in a landfill forever and ever and ever.

Unless, it goes into an incinerator, then some parts of its toxins will go up into smoke, and the rest of its smoky black ash will be on a landfill forever and ever and ever.

Unless, it is tossed into the ocean, then it might end up in the great pacific garbage patch, a humongous whirlpool of plastic bliss, including the first toothbrush your father might have used, your last smelly diaper, your favorite strawberry biscuit wrapper, the straw you shared with your first crush, most of the plastic bags you used mindlessly when buying groceries, every ear bud and dental floss you ever used, maybe a few of those plastic water bottles you could have easily avoided buying, and all the zip lock bags you thought are most convenient for carrying food.Did you imagine that? Now imagine it multiplied by a billion people at the very least. How glad we are not stuck in that muck!

But most of the ocean life is, stuck in our plastic trash, or dodging it to the point of oblivion, but mostly ingesting it, thinking it’s a new kind of coral or some exotic plankton. And who is eating whom in the end? Who considers themselves proud to be on top of the food chain? Us trash-generating humans of course!

So the next time you need to get yourself a cup of coffee, either make one at home, or make it a habit to carry a reusable cup. Old habits are hard to break they say, but so is this massive waste that we are generating, every day, every second.

Let’s face it!
Disposables are disgusting.
Disposables are damaging.
Let’s dispose the use of disposables.
Disposables – say NO MORE!

Let’s save our magnificent Earth then, one plate at a time, one cup at a time, one straw at a time, one plastic item at a time.


An environmentalist is born

Becoming a parent changes everything!

Leisurely time becomes nonexistent.  Movie marathons are replaced by diaper change marathons.  A good nights sleep seems like a dream.  Conversation is mostly baby talk, conversation with adults is also about baby talk. Everyday is a vicious circle, when the baby eats, poops, sleeps and wakes up for another round. But when we parents do find a little time to relax and think, there is something that makes us a bit uneasy, even nervous at times. And that is the future of our little one.  Not in terms of  education and money, or health and family. But the very future of the planet that we are going to live in.

Life as we know it depends on one thing, the most important thing in the history of the universe. Earth.

When I became a parent, an environmentalist was born too. One who wants a clean, green, healthy planet to live in, to sustain many many future generations of my blood line. We, after all, want to survive, to see our kids grow and live healthy fulfilling lives.

Saving earth starts NOW, and it starts with ME.

After all, we only have ONE EARTH.

Visit http://www.oneearth.org/  for more info.

Bring out the environmentalist in YOU!

Live earth live!

There are different types of people on earth. A select few keep their homes as well as their surroundings clean. These are mostly environmentalists and are highly intelligent and sane people. They recycle all products, refuse to use plastic bags for shopping, and use hybrid cars, bicycles or skates. These people are generally frowned upon due to their extreme respect for nature and earth. But they don’t really care since they know how important their actions are. These people realize that every bit counts and they keep doing their bit.

Another set of people do not care much about dust, environment, pollution, garbage or cleanliness. They choose to overlook all things bad. They believe that ignorance is bliss. Anywhere they go, they pollute.  

The vast majority however have somewhat dual values. They keep their homes spick and span, but don’t think twice littering the streets. These people seek to have a plush and rich life, in the midst of dust, garbage and pollution. What they fail to realize is that outside air will eventually come in. These people are living a life away from reality. Or so they think.

If only we tried to understand the state of the earth this very moment.

Global warming is a reality, and you have been feeling its effect since the last few years. The earth is warming up and temperatures are increasing everywhere. Man made pollution is causing the earth’s core to heat up. And what are the results? Famine and flood!

Since the earth’s core is heating up, Artic and Antarctic ice caps are melting. Melting glaciers have increased the ocean water levels, resulting in tsunamis and floods in coastal cities worldwide. With increased temperatures in the earth’s core, volcanoes are erupting more frequently and remaining active. Volcanoes are the natural means for decreasing core temperature, so more the core temperature, more the number of eruptions. We have already witnessed the devastation created by volcanoes, creating massive tsunamis that have destroyed human life.

Another effect of the rising temperature is that oceans are now increasingly warmer. This has destroyed many precious plant and animal species that were wonders of life. Above all, high temperatures are causing increased evaporation, with huge amounts of rain and global flooding.

The average overall temperatures all around the globe are increasing. Weather is becoming more violent and unpredictable, with tornadoes and violent storms lurking around the corner. Increasing temperatures also mean high number of health problems, diseases and epidemics.

So what can you do about it? You may think its the responsibility of the government or the NGOs or the garbage cleaners. No its not, atleast not your part. You need to do your bit. Only then can you tell others to do theirs.

Start by switching off equipment you do not use. Computers, television, air conditioners, lights, anything that you are not using must be turned off. There are many other tips that can help conserve the environment, reduce the earths temperature and let earth live.

Check out www.oneearth.org and www.liveearth.org for more information.

Remember, we have only one home, one earth!

Hello world!

Hello world indeed, although that greatly narrows down the quantum of life forms being addressed to! Why not say “Hello Universe and beyond”? I do not have any particular fascination about addressing life forms beyond our humble earth, but I have quite recently started considering the option. No, its not the fancy space voyages, breakfast at moon-like romantic satellites and lunch at the mars-like hot spots that lure me. It is also because I do not even dream to possess that kind of money!

The reason in fact is that eventually contacting alien life form will be our last resort for survival. Considering the amount of harm we have done to our planet and continue doing so, its hopeless I tell you, hopeless! And the truth is we haven’t even begun to realize the repercussions. Its true that a million dedicated scientists have come together to study the “end of the world” phenomenon and have reported it with equally committed conviction. But who’s listening?

With half the world fighting on the war against terrorism, and the other half, well, fighting against this war, it would require only a pea-sized rats brain to realize that nobody really cares about the earth. And the irony of it all is, although the motives put forth could be anything from “Because someone did something sometime” to “Because he told me to”, the ulterior motive behind every war is money. Yes that useless piece of paper that has hypnotized mankind since its inception.

But what good is a piece of paper, besides burning it to cook your food, if there’s no electricity or gas left? Imagine, all of earths resources are declared “Extinct”, including the wildlife, rain forests, coral reefs, mineral and oil deposits, and maybe even oxygen. Well, personally, I dread this situation, I have begun to get nightmares about it. And my nightmares most certainly would come true, if we keep blaming our governments instead of the devil within.

So, “Hello Universe and beyond!” If there is anyone out there with celestial courage, magnanimous heart and might I add, rather poor mathematical skills, like adding two and two, then please contact us in ways our measly brains can comprehend; because you could be saving a race of life forms that is bound to destroy the only planet they know they can survive on.