I am not fine!

“Everything is normal!” she said, “Everything is just fine! I have everything I need. I have a loving husband, three adorable kids, a loving family, a house, a car, and food on my plate, clothes in my closet, and friends to party with. I have more than most people could even dream of. I am absolutely fine!”

But her entire soul was screaming the contrary. Nothing was fine! How could it be? How could this be considered normal? Was this what they called life? This petty, minuscule existence, constrained by what others might think, limited by her own poor choices, strangled by the monotony of her dull, boring life?

When she was young and innocent; when the complexities of life were unknown to her, when the world seemed like a big place where anything could happen, where anything could be achieved; she felt she could have it all, happiness, peace, love!

But love was a fickle friend, a wisp of smoke in the storm of loneliness. It seemed to be there, but it hardly ever was. Love was not what happened in the movies, it was definitely not long lasting, and maybe it never existed in the first place. Her husband who once seemingly doted on her, stuck by her side like a dog in true love, was now more like a cat, who displayed no personal devotion to anyone, just comfortable to be in familiar surroundings. He was more like a stranger in the room, with no passion, no words that expressed any true emotion, just a few cursory questions like “Are you fine?”

Her children had grown up and grown apart. They had their own life to worry about. So the mother was cast aside as an item of possession that once was valuable, but now didn’t even qualify its own shelf space. Sometimes she felt she didn’t even exist, certainly not when she had something to say or an opinion to share. Her thoughts were now old and archaic, to be discarded or ignored.

She was ambitious as a young adult, learning new stuff, making new things from old, building, and creating, and exploring, living life one day at a time, giving each moment her fullest. She had adventurous dreams, she had stories of happy endings, she had pictures of purest love, and she had hope.

But now that had gone too. She had no ambition left, she had no dreams. She was just living her life, going from one day to the next till she reached the end. There was only emptiness. She felt she couldn’t do anything at all. She had given up!

Then one fine day, she said, “I am not fine!”

And that made all the difference.

Because only when she stopped accepting the lack of love, lack of respect, lack of ambition, and the lack of action on her part as something normal, she was able to spring into action, change her life with her actions and her thoughts, fill her life with hope, and kindness and love.

And so, if you ever feel depressed, hopeless, empty and unloved, scared and lost, just admit to yourself that “It’s not fine!” Life is not meant to be like this, life is so much more. Life is meant to be filled with excitement and joy, and emotions and hope. Find the strength to push yourself to do something, take action, explore, fail and try again, but never give up. Go outdoors and feel the wind! Change your life! Because it’s not fine to be inside the wrong dream! If you are not fine, just say it! And then change it!

Inspired by Mel Robbin’s Ted Talk : How to stop screwing yourself over | Mel Robbins | TEDxSF


The sixth sense or rather the lack of it.

As the little kid (Haley Joel Osment) in the movie ‘Sixth Sense’ says about ghosts “They only see what they want to see”, I believe its true for non-ghost people like us too. Too often than not, we have a curtain in front of our eyes, seeing only things the way we believe them to be, not the way they actually are happening.

For example, if a person thinks there are dangers on every path he/she takes, then even a pebble on the road will look like an accident-inducing obstacle.  If a person thinks the whole world is out to get him/her, all interactions with people will lead to only one conclusion, “People are mean”. If a person thinks people of a particular culture lack class, then even the most beautiful customs of that culture will seem crass and backward.

In todays world, where violence is the solution to disparity and hatred is the outcome of every difference of opinion, identity of a person is not a result of his/her deeds, but rather something set at birth, either by religion, color, appearance or ancestral professions.

The sixth sense, according to me, is the ability to see beyond our set ways of thinking, to be a little more open minded, to discard our prejudiced notions and see things as they really are.

“A light is still a light-even though the blind man cannot see it”

Open your eyes, and see the truth. If you can. It will set you free. Stop the violence, the world already has seen enough of it.

The shape of my earth..

In every time space continuum, there exists an idea that seems preposterous to the majority view points. Over a period of a few thousand years, the converse becomes true. The once outlandish theory becomes the established truth, with very few rebellious thinkers opposing this now accepted fact.

On what premise one accepts or opposes a theory can be mostly illogical. I for one have no logical reason to believe that the earth is what they say an egg shaped orange, or more precisely an oblate spheroid. So what if I see a spherical earth on google earth, or one of those pictures published by NASA, I have not actually seen it with my own pair of eyes. Some argue that so is the case with God, love or UFOs. But these are not measurable objects to start with, except maybe the UFOs. And I have a strong feeling that I will be seeing one pretty soon.

Anyways, the truth is, my assumption lies entirely on photographs I have not taken, movies I have not made, software I have not developed. But there is one event that can be considered as proof, although my physics basics have become a bit rusty. How come the earth’s shadow on the moon is always a circle or part of a circle in the event of a lunar eclipse. Now that is something I can experience and use to draw conclusions, however incorrect they maybe.

I could also set out with my faithful SLR, a compass and a frequent flyer membership, to different points on earth, where skies are generally visible at nights. I could make a series of measurements as to when and where the constellations rise from the horizon. I most probably will also need an astronomer and a mathematician. Somehow, with their help, I will be able to determine the shape of the earth.

Flying from point A to point B will also solve the problem of falling off the edge of the earth into the abysses of vast nothingness, lest the earth is in fact flat. I hear the sailors of the past had rated falling off the edge of earth while sailing with some crazy adventurers, who in reality had become adventurers just to get away from their nagging wives, as the topmost fear in the first century sailors’ magazine. The entry for second most fear rated involved something about being with the adventurers’ nagging wives.

I do have another option, and I am hoping that some day well before my eyes go blind, some rich multibillionaire would build a skyway path right upto our waning moon. I assume the moon will be equally delighted and will start waxing again. It would then be possible for all skeptics, who usually are as financially unfortunate as I am, to walk upto the moon and witness for themselves the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I havent as yet figured out how the skyway with cope with the rotations, revolutions of the earth and the moon. But I am not the architect here, so let the professionals figure out the details.

I am open to any new ideas as far as the shape of the earth is concerned, as long as there are ways to prove them. After all, a preposterous idea of today, could be the proven fact of tomorrow.

Blistering barnacles!

Uggh! Please excuse my language, but its not everyday that I get to use adjectives for conveying my emotions. My emoticons do a beautiful job at that, thank you very much. In fact, it feels quite unnatural to me to form complete sentences with correct grammar. And lets not forget the language-no-bar audibles.

In fact, I cant remember the last time I actually wrote something on a piece of paper. Yes that thin piece of writing material made out of wood from a desolate tree somewhere in Africa. I used to own a black slate and a chalk once. Ancient, I know!

Anyways, the reason for my sudden outburst of adjectives is that, what have we done! Created a generation of kewl ya, in da, bfns? They say its always difficult to communicate between generations. But this is outrageous! Its one thing not to understand the rationale behind something, another to not understand the language itself.

Therefore I have a petition for all the m-w and oxford folks. Please publish a pocket sized translation book for abbreviations, sms terminology and chat dialect. Also, mail me a free copy since I was the one to come up with this million dollar idea!

And since I am on the ‘winning idea’ streak, heres one more! How about I do not make a wish on any more mails I get, that tell me to make a wish and then forward the mail to umpteen people or else my wish will not come true. Since when did mails become angels, granting your wishes and just asking for your endless time in return?

And there are avenging angels too, which say if you delete the mail, something really BAD will happen to you. What if I decide to be bad myself, and delete that mail, would I have to spend the rest of my life awaiting fretfully the most certain tragedy? I rather believe in voodoo!

Heres what I do when I receive such mails, its simple and believe me completely harmless. Shift-Delete!

And if the rest of the content is good enough to waste someone elses time, I simply edit out the “blistering barnacles” part, and dispatch off the rest on the information super highway.